6 Best Jacksonville Food Trucks You Should Consider

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Jacksonville food trucks are becoming a way to open a traditional restaurant with walls and floors. Food trucks used to be a novelty, but now they are a multibillion-dollar business all over the country. The owners are turning their food trucks into familiar places to eat.

Local business owners like to be able to set hours and locations. They think the job is different from running a regular restaurant. When people open a storefront, they need more time to park their trucks and keep both running.


What are some Highly Rated Food Trucks in Jacksonville, FL?

Regarding local food, Jacksonville is not new to the scene. There are many restaurants and bars, so you can always try something new. But have you checked out the scene to see the other side of eating in Jacksonville food trucks?

There are food trucks in Jacksonville for every taste, and so many to try! Some of Jacksonville’s best food trucks serve loaded fries, Asian street food, and old-fashioned barbecue. Time to chow down!

Here is a list of best food truck jacksonville and the most popular food trucks. We made a list of the best food trucks near you in Jacksonville to help you find them.

jacksonville food trucks, best food truck jacksonville, best food trucks, food trucks in jacksonville, jax food trucks


Alma Food Truck

Alma Food Truck serves soul food with a modern twist. They cook food that comes straight from the heart. As comfort food, the food warms the soul. There are many different kinds of food on their menu. It includes Latin American food that other cultures have influenced.

They have a lot of different dishes, including fusion food and platters. Also, they are always coming up with new dishes. They want their food to be different and tasty. Alma Food Truck also offers executive buffet style, drop-off catering, and private truck experiences. They set up everything with serving trays and chafers that look nice.


On the Fly Sandwiches and Stuff

On the Fly Sandwiches and Stuff was started by Andrew Ferenc in Jacksonville. He has run food trucks since 2011. His dishes are well-made and attractive, and he makes a wide range of them.

Sandwiches like pork sandwiches, blue chips, and potato planks are on their menu. There are also different kinds of quesadillas, tacos, and tostadas. On their soft taco, you can get chicken that has been marinated, tuna, or pulled pork.


Sweeto Burrito

What can beat a burrito? Nope. Sweeto Burrito is a food truck in Jacksonville that you have to try. The carne assassin, all-American, and classic carnivore burritos have something for everyone. You know where to go if you want a warm, fluffy burrito.


El Chamo Criollo

Real Venezuelan food. Arepas are the most famous dish from Venezuela. These thick cornmeal patties can be grilled, baked, or even fried. Moist and crunchy, then stuffed with anything and everything while still hot.


These gluten-free beauties replace bread in most Venezuelan homes. Cachapas are maize pancakes packed with Venezuelan cheese and topped with pork or meat. Griddle-cooked. They also provide off-menu specials.

The Happy Grilled Cheese

At The Happy Grilled Cheese, you can get grilled cheese and tater tots on a sandwich. It is the only food truck and restaurant in the area. They have a long list of things to eat and art painted by hand. Also, they’ve helped a lot of happy customers since 2013.

The dishes are made fresh daily to ensure their taste and quality. Also, they offer professional catering services for any event. They are experts at events like kids’ parties and late-night meals. Every day of the week, the food truck is open.


Island Girl Seafood

Island Girl Seafood is a gourmet food truck specializing in great seafood and has won awards. They were named one of Jacksonville’s best food trucks for 2019. And also known for their delicious shrimp, lobster, fish, and scallops that have been grilled, blackened, coconuts, or fried.

They have sold at events like The Players Championship, or TPC, Welcome to Rockville, Jacksonville Jazz Festival, Sea and Sky Spectacular, The Warped Tour, and more. Also, for the past 12 years, they have been at the Riverside Arts Market. They’ve been making food to go for more than 20 years so they can make almost anything.


What are People Saying About Food Trucks in Jacksonville, FL?

People from all over Florida live in Jacksonville, which is the most populated city in the state. It has the tenth most Arab people in the country and the most Filipino Americans in Florida. Because of where it is, 7.7% of people there are Hispanic.

jacksonville food trucks, best food truck jacksonville, best food trucks, food trucks in jacksonville, jax food trucks

According to local data, December is one of the busiest months for quick-serve food and beverage establishments in Jacksonville food trucks. Estimated daily consumers at Jacksonville-area quick-serve food and beverage businesses jumped to 66 in December, second only to August and 6% higher than the rest of the year.


In Summary

On weekends, people like to eat at jax food trucks. Festivals, food truck rallies, and other weekend events in Jacksonville draw many people. Jacksonville food trucks and small businesses sell food, local goods, handicrafts, soaps, and jewelry in many great places.

The best food can be found in food trucks all over the world. Island Girl Seafood started as a gourmet food truck and has won many awards. Visit Island Seafood Girl and learn more about food trucks in Jacksonville and learn some essential tips on starting food trucks Jacksonville Florida in 2022.

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