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With recipe protection, you can ensure your recipe stays a trade secret. To run a successful restaurant with unique, secret recipes, you must ensure they don’t get into the wrong hands. You can do this if you have a contract that says you own the recipe alone. Copyright laws protect

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Trade Secrets are business methods not widely known to the public. Information that is kept secret gives the company an advantage over

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Technology has become increasingly important in the food industry in recent years. Food companies continuously seek to improve and optimize their manufacturing,

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People all over the United States like to eat out from food trucks. With their creative delivery and popular dishes, food trucks

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The growth of food trucks is 1.1% faster than the growth of traditional food service options. As more food trucks hit the

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Food trucks serve fresh, local, authentic, trendy, easy, and hot meals in one quick and tasty meal. It’s not just a passing

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The food truck business is the part of the food service industry that is growing the fastest, so it’s no surprise that

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