Important Food Truck Permit You Need Before Starting One

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People who like food and want to be their boss could start a food truck business. A food truck has a kitchen where food can be made and served. Food trucks are cheaper than restaurants, so many people who want to start their businesses choose to do that. Before you start your food truck business, you’ll need a food truck permit. The permits and licenses for food trucks and restaurants are different. We’ll mention the licenses and permits most states need for food trucks.

What Licenses Are Needed to Start a Food Truck?

Food truck operation requires these documents. A food truck permit and license vary by area, city, county, and state, so don’t assume they’re the same as others. Your local Secretary of State can tell you what licenses and permits food trucks to need.


Whether or not you want to start a food truck, most businesses need licenses and permits. Before starting a food truck business, these are the most common documents that food trucks should have.

Business License

It is a permit that lets you run the food truck in the city, county, or state of your choice. It is often called a “basic business operation license.” A business license lets the government know what kind of business it is. Once you have a food truck license, they can track its activities and identify the business for tax purposes.


It also makes sure that your food truck is real. A business license shows the public that your food truck has met certain requirements and helps protect public health.

food truck permit, food truck permit cost, food truck license, food truck license florida, food truck license and permits

Driver’s License

To drive a food truck, you’ll need the same things as a car: a valid state driver’s license and registration. In most states, a regular driver’s license is good enough. On the other hand, other states will look at the size and weight of your vehicle to decide if you need a commercial driver’s license.

Health Department Permit

A health department permit, sometimes known as a food service license, certifies that your vehicle passed the health inspection. A health department worker will check your truck to see if it breaks any health codes and give you a grade and some notes. They keep an eye on how food is stored, how clean it is, and how the HACCP protocols are followed. In most cities, you have to show your health score.

Employer Identification Number

An EIN or Social Security Number registers your firm with the IRS. You can open a business bank account, build credit, and hire personnel. State business licenses may include this number. The IRS offers free EINs online, by fax, or by mail.

Parking Permit

You can’t park a food truck on the side of a neighborhood street and leave it there for months. Most cities have zoning rules that say food trucks can only park in certain areas. Most cities and states have different rules about this, but you should get a parking permit for your food truck.


The county clerk can provide a list of food truck parking spots. Ask if you must pay a meter, follow parking sign laws, observe proximity bans, and park your food truck overnight in a commissary.

How Much Is a Food Truck Permit in Florida?


Food truck permit cost $10,000 to millions of dollars are needed to open a restaurant in Florida. In the second quote, furniture, appliances, and the building itself are all included. In the conservative estimate, only basic licenses and a 4COP or 2COP liquor license are considered.


A food truck license florida, food truck permit, inspections, and other legal papers can cost $28,276. At least $15,000 is needed. These prices don’t include the car, supplies, truck maintenance, or other operating expenditures. The numbers include consultations and firm establishment.


For more complicated food trucks, you can spend more money, but a fully equipped food truck will cost between $50,000 and $100,000. Buying a used one can also help you save a lot of money. Used food trucks can range in price from $40,000 to $80,000. Instead of purchasing a food truck, you may rent or lease one.

How Do Food Trucks Get Their Start?

Funding may be the most difficult aspect of beginning a food truck business. The first stage is to develop a thorough business plan. You should also have excellent credit for both yourself and your company. It will make obtaining company financing easier.

food truck permit, food truck permit cost, food truck license, food truck license florida, food truck license and permits


You can also get money for your new food truck business in other, more creative ways. Here are a few ways you can start a business with little money:


  1. Start with a used cart or trailer that is cheap.
  2. Talk to someone who already has a food truck and negotiate a lease or rental agreement.
  3. Talk to restaurant owners who are doing well about how to run a food truck for their business.
  4. If your idea for a truck includes doing something good for the public or the community, try to get sponsors.
  5. Start selling at a pop-up, a farmer’s market, or a fair booth.

Bottom Line

Your food truck must meet all the rules and regulations. It will keep you from getting fined a lot of money or having your business shut down. Every city, county, and the state has rules about getting a food truck license and permits.


Vendors can determine what food truck permit and license they need to do business in their area. For a food truck business to be successful, you need to know what permits you need. Find out more about food trucks by going to Island Girl Seafood.

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