Mobile Fast Food Business: Double Your Profit with These Tips

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Mobile fast food business and carts vend in places without a stationary kitchen. Some mobile caterers move from place to place at set times, while others set up in the same spot every day. Movable catering businesses must follow state and local health code regulations despite their mobile carts or trucks. According to the FAO, millions of low- and middle-income urbanites eat street food daily. Street food sales support millions in impoverished countries. The US mobile food services business contains 5,200 companies with $1.2 billion in yearly revenue.

What Equipment Is Used in a Food Truck?

After you buy or lease a food truck, you must choose its equipment. Food truck kitchens may store more equipment and supplies than food carts. The extra area allows for innovative equipment setup and menu items.   Whether your food truck already has equipment or you’re starting from scratch, finding the right equipment is challenging. Filling your mobile fast food business with the necessary food truck equipment list is a must for success. Here’s a list of food truck equipment to get you started.

Kitchen Equipment

Food truck items are mostly cooking equipment. There are ways to save money, such as buying used or outlet-sale cooking tools instead of brand-new ones. Choose a mix of countertop units and full-size models to best use your food truck’s kitchen space.   Give your used food truck equipment greater space and employ countertop alternatives for less-used or smaller equipment.

Equipment for Warming and Holding

Equipment for warming and holding food is a must if you want to keep it at a safe temperature. Food truck warmers help you avoid getting sick from contaminated food and failing health inspections. Holding equipment keeps your menu items at a good temperature for your customers.

Food Prep Equipment

Some of your food truck’s most frequently used goods will be present. Food commercial food truck equipment is anything you use to prepare food to cook or serve. What you need will depend on what’s on your menu.

Supplies for a Food Truck

Since your food truck will serve people on the go, you’ll need to stock up on many disposable serving items. If you run out of space, you may have to close your window for the day.


For your food to stay fresh, you need refrigeration equipment in your food truck. One for your main food items, one for drinks, and a smaller one for sauces and other toppings. You may choose the best food truck refrigeration equipment from several options.

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning equipment is important for any business that wants to keep things clean. You will use these supplies daily to clean and take care of your food truck and its equipment. Keeping things clean and following health rules is crucial, so stock up on cleaning materials.

What Type of Truck Is Best for a Food Truck?

There are many things to do before starting a mobile fast food business. You need a business plan, permits, kitchen equipment, and a name. But first, decide what food to serve and what vehicle to use. mobile fast food business, food truck equipment list, food truck needs, used food truck equipment, food truck equipment layout, commercial food truck equipment   Only some food businesses have the same size, budget, or needs. A bakery, a food truck, or an ice cream truck will all need different amounts of space and other tools. If a cargo van works better for your food service, you can look for something other than a food truck equipment layout.   Here are some of the food truck vehicles you might need:

Box Truck

Box trucks are easy to spot because they look like boxes. Inside, these trucks have a lot of room, and most businesses that need to move large items or a lot of inventory use them. You can think of them as big, wheeled moving boxes.   If you want to cook on-site, you’ll need a full kitchen with all the necessary tools and appliances, which won’t fit in a cargo van. On the other hand, a box truck will provide you with plenty of space to work with.

Food Trailer

The most expensive option for a food truck is a food trailer, but it also gives you the most options. A food trailer is a way to go if you want to start a mobile restaurant or café. You can have any kitchen setup, storage space, and all the necessary amenities. mobile fast food business, food truck equipment list, food truck needs, used food truck equipment, food truck equipment layout, commercial food truck equipment A food trailer is more challenging than a van or truck because it’s so big. You’ll need to find a place to park it and leave it for the day. If you want to sell food at events or festivals, you should not use a food trailer because you’ll have to figure out how to get it there.

Cargo Van

It is the cheapest and smallest food truck you can get. A cargo van can be turned into a food truck with a few changes, like adding a kitchenette and storage space. A cargo van will work just fine if you’re running a small bakery delivery service.   Even if you plan to cook on-site, a van will need more room for all the necessary equipment. On the other hand, full-sized ovens, commercial fryers, and griddles need a lot of space and airflow, which most vans don’t have.


Find out what equipment you’ll need and what kind of truck is best if you want to start a business selling food from a truck. You’ll need space for kitchen tools, trash, and things you need to prepare food. As you keep looking for the mobile fast food business of your dreams, we hope you find one with everything you need for your food truck business.   Food trucks all over the world serve the best food. Island Girl Seafood began as a gourmet food truck and has now received numerous honors. Learn more about food truck needs by visiting Island Seafood Girl.

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