The Most Important Food Truck Equipment List This 2023

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After you buy a food truck or sign a lease for one, the next step is to decide what kind of food truck equipment list you want to put in it. Unlike food carts and other mobile food businesses, food truck kitchens are big enough to hold a lot of different tools and supplies. With more room, you can be more creative with setting up your equipment and what you serve.


Whether your food truck already has equipment or you’re starting from scratch, it can take a lot of work to know how to start a food truck and where to get the right equipment. Quality equipment needed for a food truck is important to your business, and you must ensure it has everything it needs to succeed.

What Are The Most Popular Food Truck Items?

Before establishing a food truck business, you should explore local license requirements and food truck choices. Some cities and states make opening a food truck difficult or impossible. Once you’ve done your research and know you can launch a food truck, start buying food truck equipment list.


You should anticipate spending most of your money on cooking equipment when buying food truck items. There are ways to save money, such as buying used or outlet-sale cooking tools instead of brand-new ones. Choose a mix of countertop units and full-size models to use your food truck’s kitchen space.

Food Preparation Equipment

Some of your food truck equipment list frequently used goods will be present. Food prep equipment for a food truck is anything you use to prepare food to cook or serve. What you need will depend on what’s on your menu.

food truck equipment list, equipment for a food truck, equipment needed for a food truck, top selling food truck items


Equipment for Warming and Holding

Equipment for warming and holding food is a must if you want to keep it at a safe temperature. Food truck warmers are one of every entrepreneur’s food truck equipment list to help you avoid getting sick from contaminated food and failing health inspections. Holding equipment keeps your menu items at a good temperature for your customers.

Supplies for a Food Truck

Since your food truck will serve people on the go, you’ll need to stock up on many disposable serving items. If you run out of space, you may have to close your window for the day.


To keep your food fresh, you must have a refrigerator on your food truck. Refrigerators are among the most in-demand in food truck equipment list. You can put your main food items in one fridge, drinks in another, and sauces and toppings in a smaller fridge. There is much different refrigeration equipment, so you can choose the one(s) that works best for your food truck.

Cleaning Types of Equipment

Cleaning equipment is important for any business that wants to keep things clean. You will use these supplies daily to clean and take care of your food truck and its equipment. It’s very important to keep things clean and follow health codes, so ensure you have all the cleaning supplies you need.


First, find out what equipment you’ll need to start a business with a food truck. You’ll need space for cooking tools, trash, and things you need to prepare food. This is another essential thing to have and is always on the food truck equipment list to ensure cleanliness in your mobile enterprise.

What Item on a Food Truck Makes the Most Money?

With their creative delivery and popular dishes, food trucks offer a unique and personal experience. Most food trucks sell tasty and easy-to-eat food that will satisfy your hunger. Barbecue, burgers, and tacos are some of the top selling food truck items from a food truck.


Good barbeque is hard to find but worth its weight in gold when you do. Barbecue is something that a lot of food trucks have gotten good at. You can smell the meat from a block away when there are smokers and different kinds of meat.


Burgers are one of the most popular things to eat at restaurants. Burgers are always on the menu, whether you’re at a fancy restaurant or a fast food place. People know food trucks can make tasty hamburgers because of this.

food truck equipment list, equipment for a food truck, equipment needed for a food truck, top selling food truck items



People always like it when you serve Mexican food. Since the first food trucks were made, they have been used to sell tacos. Some say that the food truck movement began in southern California, where Mexican culture and food had a big impact.


Putting coffee on a menu is a safe bet because people always want it. Even if it’s hot outside, there’s always time for coffee. People want iced coffee drinks, so the weather will affect how much coffee you sell.

Ice Cream

Most people couldn’t afford a freezer, so the first ice cream trucks brought ice cream to people. Now that freezers are less expensive, ice cream trucks sell popsicles, sandwiches, and ice cream cones. At ice cream trucks, there are so many flavors to love.


Food trucks that are successful and make the most money tend to do a few things to keep costs low and profits high. Having a few items on the menu is a good way to make food from a food truck profitable. 


Most of the things on the food truck equipment list are things you’ll need, and they can easily cost $10,000 or more. Depending on the type of truck, you may also need things like slicers, patty presses, or blenders.


The best thing to sell from a food truck is something that sells well and doesn’t cost much to make. Using this method as a starting point, you can make money with a food truck. Ensure you have the complete food truck equipment list to keep your business running. Learn more about the food truck business by going to Island Girl Seafood.


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