Top 5 Trending Food Truck Design Ideas

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The food truck business is the part of the food service industry that is growing the fastest, so it’s no surprise that food trucks are taking the country by storm. Their popularity has increased; some cities are known for their food truck design ideas and menus. The food truck market is expected to be worth $1.1 billion by 2022, which may make you want to join this growing business.

Today, the number of food trucks has only grown, and there’s plenty of room for new food truck design ideas to take hold. Whether you want to offer a highly specialized menu or cheap food for your neighborhood, you must nail down the creative food truck design ideas and themes you want to move forward with. It also means knowing how to make these ideas come to life.


What Is the Best Size for a Food Truck?

Aside from food truck design ideas, the lengths of food trucks also matter. Typically, they range from 14 to 34 feet. But there are 10-foot trucks that are very small. Most trucks are about 7 feet wide on average. The truck you choose should be big enough to hold your kitchen and storage needs and an area for your staff to work.

The type of truck you acquire depends on your operation’s size because it needs to house personnel, store food, and give a workspace. You may need a food trailer if you have more than ten employees. You need enormous customized food trucks to serve dozens of clients daily. A large truck can sell a variety of foods, while a tiny truck can only sell a few.

When deciding what size custom food trucks to use, you should think about how mobile your business needs to be. If you want to be on the go all the time, a small truck is better than a 26-foot vehicle. A small truck’s other benefit is that it can fit in many public places. You can take it to a crowded festival, park it on a narrow street, or take food to private homes with narrow sidewalks.

Choose your food truck design ideas based on how big it is, how much storage you need, and how your kitchen is set up. In addition to the popular step van configuration, many companies that make mobile kitchens also work with smaller vehicles like sprinter vans, passenger vans, and recreational vehicles.


What Are Some Themes for Food Trucks?

Food trucks that sell hamburgers and hot dogs can be very successful, but to make your business stand out and take advantage of design food truck ideas, think about a theme, like local or gourmet. Make it healthy food to help you do well. Some coolest food truck designs that serve unusual or custom food make more money than those that serve traditional American food.

By all means, these food trucks can compete with established eateries and restaurants. This can only be done if they get the word out about their extra benefits, such as quick preparation and low prices. If you own a food truck, a food truck theme is the best way to let people know what makes you different.

Here are some of the most common food truck design ideas:


Health-Related Theme

People tend to avoid food trucks because they worry about sugary and starchy foods fried in sunflower oil. If you focus on healthy foods and have a theme that shows how committed you are to serving healthy food quickly and easily, you may get a lot of new, loyal customers. 

Apart from catering to the needs of health-conscious buyers, leveling up the look of your mobile eatery is a must. Food truck design ideas are also one of the many reasons buyers become patronizers of your product. Usually, the number one reason would be that the truck itself is photogenic or, as they say, “instagrammable.”

food truck design ideas, creative food truck design ideas, design food truck ideas, best food truck design, coolest food truck designs


Local and Organic Food

Local food and fresh goods should sometimes be different. The flavors are often better than those of commercially made foods. A food truck is a sustainable business serving meat and vegetables grown nearby and easy to get.

Integrating local food truck design ideas can entice future buyers to stay in your mobile eatery. Also, in the hopes that by word of mouth or social media, they will be able to highlight your food truck business for its unique local designs.


Ethnic Mixing

You get some tasty ideas when you mix foods from two or more cultures. Korean barbecue and Vietnamese food are two examples of current trends in ethnic fusion. The Sisig Taco at Guerrilla Street Food in St. Louis, Missouri, is made with braised and sautéed pig ear, tongue, and belly. Most of the time, food trucks are a chance to try something new.



Yummy paninis are just sandwiches with a little more style. They are easy to make and don’t require much equipment. Customers can choose from various options; you only need one or two panini presses as equipment. Paninis are a big hit for many people and great for lunch and snacks after work.

food truck design ideas, creative food truck design ideas, design food truck ideas, best food truck design, coolest food truck designs



Like paninis, a waffle theme lets you stand out from your competitors because you can specialize in breakfast waffles, savory waffles, waffles with chicken fillings, or a wide range of waffle meals. You can serve waffles at any time, such as at a public event, party, or downtown area near corporate offices.


Bottom Line

The first step in launching a food truck business is to select a theme for your truck. Your theme will affect how your food truck design ideas and how you market your business. You’ll be able to charge more for your products and build customer loyalty if you specialize.

To serve your customers well, you need to consider many things. Remember always to ensure that your food truck is well-designed, has the best food truck design, and is comfortable for you and your staff. Learn more about the food truck business by visiting Island Girl Seafood, today!


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